About Us

It all started one November day in 2010 when Adam innocently asked Jenn what she thought about him attending a week long cider making class at the Cornell Ag Extension. “Sure,” said Jenn, as she thought to herself, “that would be a neat hobby.” Upon his return Adam spoke very excitedly about cider making, insisting that Jenn read up on the subject. Then the packages began to arrive. The first were innocent looking enough…a small tank here, a few hoses there. All of a sudden, a pallet of several hundred bottles arrives. There is talk of production space and LLC, and “hey, mom and dad, you have a spare office!” Jenn and Adam get married. Their reception features a cider made by Adam. Family and friends enjoy the fruits of his labor and Adam is hooked. We are seduced by his enthusiasm, and a family business is born.



Bartender in Training
The brains behind all that is Good Intent Cider.


Quality Control Manager
His patient wife and partner in crime; official taste tester and quality control manager.

Mary and Riley

Cider Saints
Adam's saintly parents; happily willing to assist in anything cider related.


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